Birsreshtha Shahid Nur Mohammad Hospital

MCC has a beautiful College Hospital named Bir Sreshtha Shahid Nur Mohammad Hospital consists of 20 beds. A skilled medical officer and two assistants are always there to serve treatment for the patients. All types of general treatment as well as medicines are given to the cadets here. In case of emergency, the patients are sent to Savar CMH or Dhaka CMH. There is also an ambulance for carrying the patients.


The college library is named Shahid Khurshid Smriti Granthagar, after the martyr of the Liberation War of Bangladesh who was a cadet of the college. There is a portrait of Khurshid Ali on the wall of the library. The library has 18000 books, and daily newspapers and weekly magazines are available.

College Auditorium

MCC has a very Eye pleasing College Auditorium named Birsreshtha Mostafa Auditorium. It is used for various CSC/DDP Competitions. This auditorium is named after a brave warrior and martyr of the Liberation War of Bangladesh- Sipahi Mostofa Kamal. This auditorium has the capacity of 400 people. This single auditorium also serves as central examination hall. So, this large auditorium has multi-dimensional usage. To build a cadet as a patriot and creative human being this auditorium is very crucial for  Mirzapur Cadet College.


According to the Cadets demand, all kinds of necessary items are available in the College Canteen. It is very neat and clean. Cadets take necessary items by using coupon.